Exam Overview

"The development of this physician exam is a first step toward the long term goal of achieving specialty recognition of wound care by the American Board of Medical Specialties, American Osteopathic Association and the Council of Podiatric Medical Education. The evolution of specialty recognition may not occur for quite some time.  In the interim this exam will provide formal recognition to those practitioners who have substantial expertise in wound management." - Board of Directors, Council for Medical Education and Testing

The CMET Exam is available to all physicians (MD, DO, DPM, DDS). The Physician must have a current license to practice and a minimal of 2 years experience in Wound Care either in private practice, or in a Wound Care healing center. Residency training programs that incorporate significant amount of Wound Care into their training program can qualify toward the 2 year minimal requirement.

The examination was created through the CMET, which is an organization specifically of physicians and with the specific purpose of providing certification for physicians. The exam is designed to focus on the principles involved in the diagnosis, assessment, and management of complex wounds. Through field testing and assessment by beta testing the exam is intended to assess a knowledge base consistent with the reality of daily practice.

Newly Practicing Podiatrists can sit for CMET Physician Certification in Wound Healing immediately after completing a 3 year residency. This is due to the national standards requirements built into the CPME approved 3 year residency and the competency examinations related to the successful completion of this training program.

The current examination format is 150 question multiple choice. The fee to register and sit for the examination is currently $850.00. There is no dues requirement for the CMET following the successful completion of the examination. The certification duration is 9-years, after which a recertification process is available.

Subject areas include:

  •     Diagnosis and Management of:
    •         Diabetic Ulcers
    •         Venous Ulcers
    •         Pressure Ulcers
    •         Ischemic Ulcers
  •     A-Typical Skin Lesions
  •     Histology of Wound Healing
  •     Infection
  •     Internal Medicine: Diabetes and other disease entities that can impact wound healing
  •     Fewer number of questions are found in the following subject areas:
    •         Documentation
    •         Medical / Legal Aspects
    •         Burns

Sources for review are found on this web site.  Additionally there are multiple courses for certification preparation which are offered by various organizations. This exam is independent and not affiliated with any specific review course. That said, the CMET does provide an intense weekend certification preparation course which is taught by multiple faculty members, as opposed to other courses that are taught by one or two instructors. It is generic and not intended to be solely for the CMET exam. That said a perspective of that course is that it, like the CMET exam, covers and  discusses the diagnosis and management of the diseases affiliated with a wound as well as how to treat the wound. The course faculty are physicians well known in this field of medicine. That philosophy of not only treating the wound but also diagnosing and managing the disease affiliated with a wound,  is held by the Academy of Physicians in Wound Healing (APWH), and is a core in all of its educational programming. It is similar to CMET in that the APWH is the ONLY PHYSICIAN SPECIFIC association in wound care created by physicians to serve the needs of physicians with respect to education, advocacy, legislative initiatives representing physicians' perspectives regarding healthcare delivery  and promoting the patient-physician relationship.  More information is available online at www.apwh.org or call 336-923-5604.

Should you have further question on the examination format or recommendation for study please do not hesitate to contact the CMET office at 336-923-5604.

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